Hanging Out at the Harlem Art Fair

I love art fairs. You get to meet artists and talk intimately about their work, hear their stories, and learn more about the pieces that inspire you.

Will Sloan, a New Yorker by way of D.C., shared his photos and stories from the recent Harlem Art Fair. Check out his photo essay.

This piece was one of my favorites - the materials the artist used made the work look three-dimensional...You could see the cool stream of water running into the young colored boys mouth - the irony of the sign goes to show that unjust laws will always eventually be broken.

This young artist from Philly had some excellent work as well - this piece capturing the horror of the Great Depression for a black man drew me in like a moth to a flame -- he is well on his way to becoming a force in the art world.

This artist Brent Bailer (www.brentbailer.com) specializes in doing rain scenes. He explained to me that he loves to paint New York when it's raining. It's true that everything slows down a bit and it does give the City a certain tranquility that many folks love -- at least once they get home!

This gentleman had some good stuff -- what attracted me to his work was ample use of various hues of blue - the artist is from Queens and his name is Keith Foster (kbigbro59@Verizon.net; (917-868-1892)

Robert Carter does fantastic work on wood -- much of it on old fence posts which gives his scenes of black life a sense of earthiness and down-hominess that is spellbinding to behold. While the younger set might overlook his work those who have been here for more than a few revolutions around the sun will notice the incredible attention to detail and the craftsmanship that make the ordinary poignant.

I fancied this rendition of Lena Horne. It is pretty self-explanatory why she was considered one of the most beautiful women we have ever seen on these shores.

I ended up purchasing this piece from Baltimore artist Phillip Snead (www.rareimaje.com). Phillip had a bunch of pieces that I wanted but I had to curb my enthusiasm and only walk away with two!!

Clara K. Johnson (www.clarakjohnson.com) was from Raleigh, NC and has a studio right down the street from where my Grandmother used to live. Her paintings are vivacious and full of color and life.

A wonderful intertwining sculpture surrounded by a luscious landscape of colour and contemporary African-American art.

This one I call "Black Woman in Paris". Incredibly beautiful piece that was made out of bits of cloth with what looked like real gold if you look carefully at the bracelet. The artist's details are astonishing. She also had the fanciest African dolls you've ever seen in your life starting @ 2G's and up. The detail on the front and back of the doll, down to the hair was truly shocking -- my Grandmother an avid doll collector -- would truly have "lost her shit!!!!!"

This piece caught my eye because the piece literally jumps out at you...and what black person doesn't love a spirited performance from the church choir to let you know "errything gonna be all rite chile!"

The artist of this piece was not at the show - they shipped this piece in from Cameroon. I love lions and this caught my immediate attention - the majesty and beauty of the African Lion is legendary and the artist captured how ferocious this animal truly is - not someone you want to run up on at night walking back from a party in the next village! (Otis Williams: Otiswilliams@me.com)

And this last one was my personal favorite -- so much to be said that I won't say a thing.... Just look for yourself

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