Free eBook of Punk Show Flyers From Around the World

More than 10 years ago I started collecting punk show flyers because I wanted to publish a book of flyers from the U.S. as well as Africa and Asia and Europe and South America… and everywhere punks were rocking out. But then I lost steam and all those great flyers that people had sent to me were sealed up in a box and stuffed into the back of my closet.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, see fewer shows and am feeling wildly nostalgic. Or maybe it was the realization that I could post an eBook and share these works of art so easily–either way here it finally is!

Come to Our Show features show flyers from D.C. to the O.C.; as well as Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, France, the U.K., Peru, Colombia and more.

“Come to our show!” they pleaded as they handed out flyers, posted them on telephone poles, wheat-pasted them on walls. Here are the flyers from the world’s most pioneering punk bands including Minor Threat, Fugazi, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Brigade, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, A.R.Z. (Peru), Fun People (Argentina), Leek and the Bouncing Souls (South Africa), Scream, Bikini Kill, Los Crudos, The Nation of Ulysses and many more.

There’s so many awesome people who helped me build this collection. So, I would love to get this eBook out to anyone who would enjoy it. Please pass on the link, share it with your friends, put on your old 7″s, pull out those cassette mixtapes and live it up! Print out your favorites and post them in the grey walls of your cubicle. That will show them!

Punk Rock for the Ages. Long live the noise.

Check it out here. 

Some people have been having trouble accessing this huge file so please try the Google doc if you can’t download it: here.

18 thoughts on “Free eBook of Punk Show Flyers From Around the World

  1. Scott says:

    Holy fuck man – I can’t really express how much this means to me. I keep thinking about making a PDF for my friends of old flyers from Scranton shows that featured only local bands from the last eleven years but I haven’t done it. This is really an inspiration.

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